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IPS Manager Assistant

Convenient and efficient call screening

A solution for Managers and their Assistants

Other features of IPS Manager Assistant

An optional Web interface is also available and provides the same features as the IP Phone interface. It also includes a list of frequently used numbers. It can be used from a PC browser, from Personal Communicator’s folder or from Cius.

IPS Manager Assistant also reduces the administrator workload. Configuring Managers and Assistants IP phones is a done in a minute. IPS Manager Assistant can also support Extension Mobility mode.

IPS Manager Assistant also takes advantage of CTI processing to allow the definition of non-filtered calling numbers, pickup filtered calls, and redirect nonfiltered calls. It is also possible to filter only the external incoming calls. When a filtered call is not answered, depending on the settings, the voice mail will be recorded in the Manager’s or the Assistant’s mail box.

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IPS Manager Assistant