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Manager Assistant SfB

Convenient and efficient call screening

A solution for Managers and their Assistants

Manager Assistant SfB enables Assistants to filter the phone calls of Managers. It also enables the Manager to forward calls to a mobile phone or the voicemail. One assistant can handle several Managers and a Manager can have several Assistants.When an Assistant set pause status, the current filterings are automatically redirected to other available Assistants, by decreasing priority. Manager Assistant SfB has been designed to provide a simple interface associated to the Skype for Business client. Activating/disabling filter can be done just by pressing one button, and the filtering status is clearly display with colored icons.

Other features of Manager Assistant SfB

Manager Assistant SfB also reduces the administrator workload. Configuring Managers and Assistants IP phones is done in a minute. Manager and assistant are created from AD accounts.

Manager Assistant SfB allows the definition of non-filtered calling numbers. It is also possible to filter only the external incoming calls. When a filtered call is not answered, depending on the settings, the voice mail will be recorded in the Manager’s or the Assistant’s mail box.

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