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Dial to your Cisco phone from the Skype for Business Client

SkypeNDial features

SkypeNDial is a pc-based application installed on the user’s PC. It auto-starts up and is hidden on the task bar of windows. The user will be able to dial from the Skype with a right click on the Skype contact which will then send the number to their Cisco IP phone. If the dialled contact has several phone numbers, a window reproducing the layout of Skype is opened to let the user choose which number he wants to dial.

Works on Lync and Skype for business


Skype n dial
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Display your CUCM phone status into Skype for Business presence

SkypeNStatus features

SkypeNStatus provides a way to update Skype for Business status from Cisco CUCM telephony status. The Skype for Business presence becomes busy when the user is on there Cisco phone and then available at the end of the call.

SkypeNStatus does not alter however other Skype for Business presence information such as not available, on meeting, on vacation…

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Skype n status