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For massive utilization of Extension Mobility

Simplify administrative tasks

telisca Delog-Relog is an administration tool to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which helps Extension Mobility handling.

Delog-relog can be used to:

  • Delog IP Phone at night, relog IP Phone in the morning
  • Delog/Relog IP Phone for maintenance upgrade or specific configuration change.

Delog-relog can capture Extension Mobility Status, log out the users from IP Phones and eventually log in the users at a defined time. It is possible to operate on all IP Phones, a list of IP Phones, all except a list of IP phones.

In some cases, the administrator needs to force all IP Phones to logout in order to execute configuration changes on device profiles or IP Phones. After such configuration, user will need to login again to their IP Phone.

In case when the mobility (Tomcat) server has been stopped or restarted, the user will also need to retype his login on his IP Phone.

Loosing login state may be considered cumbersome by users and sometime not acceptable for users, if such issues are repeated. telisca Delog-Relog helps avoid such inconveniences.

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