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Morning check

Automate testing operations

In order to offer the best quality of service to their users, information technology and telecommunications departments wish to verify every morning the proper functioning of the telephony & collaboration system (Health check). To do this, they affect tests on a sample of telephones, video collaboration Endpoints and critical applications as well as testing Voice Gateway status or CUCM services.

telisca has developed a tool that automates this operation, in order to free up the system administrators from this task and effect more systematic tests.

Morning Check can verify IP phones, Video Endpoints, Cisco Unified Communication Services, Voice mail, SIP trunk, UCCX, XMPP Servers, TFTP Server, switches/routers, backups, third party applications, …

Morning Check permits the execution of scripts, to generate Dashboards and reports and transmit them by email to administrators.

Morning Check may also be used for performance testing. It is possible to use the scripts for example in generating a large number of calls or using applications from the telephones.

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