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Pin and Password Manager

Help - for the Help Desk & Users

Lighten the load of the support team

The management of lost PINs and passwords keep Help Desk’s agents busy. PIN & Password Manager allows Help Desk agents to generate new PINs and passwords without having access to Cisco CUCM administration. To improve Extension Mobility security it is necessary to force users to change their PIN and eventually their password.

After deployment, it is advised to assign a different PIN for each user and send it by e-mail. If the user has not changed for some time, the PIN may be changed and sent back by e-mail.

PIN & Password Manager also verifies that the user has not entered a trivial PIN code or password (list of prohibited PIN codes and passwords).

This tool also facilitates the generation of a new PIN code when the user has lost his PIN and called support. A manual mode is also available.

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