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IPS Pager & Audio Broadcast

Multicast communication

Facilitate urgent messages

telisca IPS Pager is a perfect solution to broadcast vocal announcements or text messages to large groups of Cisco IP Phone users or from user to user. Vocal announcement can be sent live from an IP Phones to a list of IP Phones or from pre-recorded audio messages.

Vocal announcements are sent from one IP Phone to a group of IP Phones, using multicast ip technology. Announcement or alert is received on IP Phone loudspeaker or if the user is online, on the phone handspeaker. Audio level can be forced depending of alert priority.

From the IP phone or from a web interface

Text messages defined may be sent from an IP Phone service or from a web interface.

Depending of his profile user can use predefined distribution list or send to define phone numbers, he may also use predefined message or enter a new message. Message priority are pushed with an audio notification and can clear after a while.

Information messages may remain availables for reading afterward, through Services menu.

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