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Voice Alert

activated by dialed number or by pushbutton

Services and features

Voice Alert is an alert management application based on Cisco Unified Communication Manager and Microsoft Teams.  Voice Alert can be used to alert automatically a list of internal and external recipients and play a recorded audio message alert or distribute text messages with an audible signal and vibration sent to the telephones or MS-Team users.

Voice Alert can send broadcast or successive calls/messages and verifies that the call was indeed taken into account.  You can also create a conference on-the-fly with all the destinations, to handle crisis management.

Supervisors can manage the alert and destinations’ lists by an entity, it can also generate reports that can be sent to supervisors.


The alert may be triggered by calling a defined directory number, from an authorized calling number and eventually typing a DTMF code.

The alert can also be triggered by a dry contact, such as by pressing a button.  The interface is accomplished either by a dry contact/IP converter (ControlByWeb WebRelay or X-332, for example) or by an ATA 186/188/190 unit which automatically, upon off-hook, calls a defined number via an empty translation pattern.

An authorized user can display a Web Page to start, monitor and stop alerts, organized in alerts’ groups.

The alert can also be triggered by calling a specific URL with the ID of the alert, from an authorized calling IP address. This URL can be called from an HTML form, a customer application or an IP enabled device. The URL returns a status code.

The alert request is confirmed to the user by the broadcast of the alert message, when one calls a defined number or by a return code when one calls a URL via HTTP or by a relay with an IP/relay box.

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