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Corporate Speed Dials

easy creation and maintenance of corporate speed numbers

Simplifying Speed Dialing

The optional module Corporate Speed dials can load and update short numbers.

Speed dial numbers are deined in Cisco Unified Communications Manager with translation patterns.These let you call a predefined contact from a short number.Corporate Speed dials are managed from a Web Interface, you can also upload umbers in Bulk with an Excel or text file.

Corporate speed dials uses AXL SOAP APIs to update the translations pattern.

Different Speed Dials Groups can be associated to different user groups.The Corporate Speed Dials Module can load and update speed dial numbers. The speed dial numbers are defined in Cisco Unified Communications Manager by creating translation patterns, they enable calling a selected destination by dialing an abbreviated number.

Speed dials may be loaded from text files or Excel

Corporate Speed Dials makes it simple to load and update these numbers from a text or excel file or for the authorized users through the Web interface.

Corporate Speed Dials works on the AXL SOAP APIs to update the translation patterns. Several speed dial lists can be created for several partitions.

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