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Recording for Microsoft Teams

telisca Recording solution is based on a Recording Manager and one or several Recording Agents.

telisca recording Agent:

  • Support audio recording of all types of calls
  • Supports pause and resume
  • Calls converted to MP3
  • Supports consult, transfer and conference calls
  • Supports fault tolerant configuration

telisca Recording Manager :

  • Archive recordings on an efficient network storage
  • Encrypts recordings
  • Automatically purges depending on retention delay (per department/company/user)
  • Retention delay extension for selected records
  • Annotation of recordings with the information provided by the company’s internal directory (Azure AD, CSV)
  • Authentication/segmentation of users by Azure AD and Azure AD security groups
  • Web interface for searching recordings by last name, first name, location, time, notes and duration with contacts segmented and filtered by department/company
  • Listen to streamed recordings via a web interface, with the option to download the recording
  • Add notes whilst listening
  • Support fault-tolerant configuration
  • History of recordings that have been reviewed (date, compliance officer, comments, …)

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