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Attendant Console

Powerful - Intuitive - Affordable

A flexible tool for incoming call handling, available as a Desktop or Web application

  • Simple to use
  • Powerful features: multiple companies, multiple agents, reverse lookup, email alerts, voicemail transfers, VIPs, …
  • Modern and friendly user interface
  • Options for the welcome message, business hours, statistics
  • Powerful directory feature, announcements, and statistics
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

The directory functionality is based on Global Directory allowing the import of contacts from Active Directory, LDAP, CUCM, Oracle, SQL, Informix, text, excel files…

The Attendant Console can play a welcome message (before pickup) or a dedicated audio message on no answer, busy or out of hours.

Application usage statistics reports are accessible from the administration and can be sent by email. An agent from its console can also view statistics for the current day.

Attendant Console is a feature-rich solution for switchboards:

  • The user interface is intuitive to reduce training time.
  • No icons and different interaction modes are available: buttons, drag and drop, double click, context menu and keyboard control.

More Icon For more information download the Product Datasheet