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Busy Alerter

when the line is busy, select from options - Ring, Voicemail, Callback

Choices offered to callers

telisca Busy Alerter Callback is an application for Cisco Unified Communications Manager’s that helps handling calls when the user is already online, busy (do not accept new call) or do not answer. Busy Alert Callback provides an IP Phone interface as well as audio messages.

Usually, when the called line supports two or more calls (busy trigger parameter is greater than one) the calling party only hears a normal ringing tone, so Busy Alert Callbacks alerts the user and provides further options. The caller can decide to be redirected to the called party’s Voice Mail, switchboard or carry on ringing the intended destination.

Busy Alerter also provides a way to set a callback request on the calling side or called side. Busy Alerter Callback also enable the user to set a callback when the called party is available again.

Internal calls, IP phone user interface

For internal calls, with Busy Alerter callback, it displays a popup screen on the calling IP Phone which:

  • When the called party is already online (but ringing)
  • When the called party is busy (busy tone)
  • When the called party does not answer

From the softkey displayed on the caller’s phone, they can choose:

  • To be redirected to the Voice Mail,
  • To set a callback request on calling side or called side (several callbacks can be programmed)

External calls, audio messages

With Busy Alerter Callback, when the called party is already online, external callers are redirected to an audio server that delivers a message telling that the called party is already on line. The application gives the opportunity to press a DTMF code in order to select the following actions:

  • Be redirected to the voicemail (if the user has a voice mail enabled)
  • Be redirected to a switchboard
  • Try ringing the phone anyway

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Telisca Busy Alerter