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IPS Lock

prevent unauthorized calls - lock it with a PIN code

A configurable lock

Prevent all unauthorized calls from your Cisco IP Phone with IPS Lock. This application helps reduce the premium rate calls abuse and impersonation. IPS Lock can be configured to block different categories of numbers: premium rates, international or all external numbers except emergency numbers.

The phone is locked by opening an service on the phone or by pressing a button (SURL). It can also be automatically locked on idle time and at a preset hour of the day.

To unlock their phones, users need to enter their CUCM PIN Code either on the IP Phone or through an audio menu (by DTMF) when making a blocked call (if IPS Lock is configured to reroute blocked calls to the integrated audio server).

IPS Lock can be used as an alternative for Extension Mobility or used as a compliment.

The simplicity and speed of the process encourage users to lock their phones often or automatically.

IPS Lock can also let users change their own PIN and schedule their Call History to clear up for added convenience and privacy.

IPS Lock is also included in the full IPS Phone Config Application Suite. IPS Lock can block access to an IP Phone service or the Directories service.

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Telisca IPS Lock