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IPS Phone Config

without calling on an administrator users can configure their IP phones directly from the instrument

Greater autonomy for users:

Telisca IPS Phone Config enables a Cisco IP Phone’s user to change and configure IP Phone settings directly from the IP Phone. It thus offers better autonomy, without needing to access a web interface or contact an administrator.

With IPS Phone Config, users can set/cancel :

  • Forward All
  • No Answer/Busy Voice Mail Forward
  • Lock phone & clear call history
  • Group login/logout
  • Do not Disturb

Users can also configure:

  • Forward destination (all, no answer ext./int., busy ext./int.)
  • No answer duration
  • Change PIN code
  • Change language
  • Speed dial setting
  • BLF setting
  • Call history clear schedule

For system administrators, a web interface is available for setting up the configuration options proposed to users.

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IPS Phone Config