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telisca Single Sign-On

Simplify life: unified login - telephone / workstation

Easing the use of Extension Mobility

telisca SSO (TSSO) is a Single Sign-On application for Cisco Extension Mobility. It eases the use of Extension Mobility by automatic login, enforces the security by login-out automatically and reduces the Help Desk task in handling forgotten PIN codes.

Several modes are available to detect the CUCM user and the IP phone in order to log in. When opening a Windows session, TSSO logs in on the IP Phone, without requiring to enter a PIN code. Depending on your configuration the process can be made completely transparent to the user.

Also depending on the configuration, TSSO will also log out from the IP Phone when closing the Windows session, on Windows lock; on hibernate; on LAN disconnect; or at a defined time of the day or on user demand. When logging-in or logging-out is completed, TSSO can launch an external application such as a Call Center agent banner.

Some of the features of TSSO

  • Detects IP Phone by CDP or LLDP
  • Can search IP Phone by entering the IP Phone line number
  • Fixed PC – IP Phone coupling defined by the Administrator
  • Store last used IP Phones, auto-login on last used
  • Detects IP Phone change when plugin a laptop on a new IP Phone
  • Can use windows login as CUCM userId
  • Can search CUCM userId in LDAP or AD, by Windows login
  • CUCM userId can be configured manually, checked by password or PIN code

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Telisca single sign on