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Desktop Popup

when clients call, they are automatically identified

telisca CTI server integrated with Cisco UCM

Desktop Popup is a Popup solution (caller information popup) on PC, interfaced with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Desktop Popup makes it possible to search a customer contact, on incoming call, based on the calling number, in a Web-based or thick client CRM or custom application.

The solution is based on the telisca CTI Server. The telisca CTI Server is connected to the CTI Cisco Manager via JTAPI interface.

Desktop Popup exploits the possibilities of a ‘super provider’ login to dynamically monitor the IP Phones on which Desktop Popup is running. The administration is thus simplified.

Desktop Popup also makes it possible to dial and hang up from the IP Phone monitored by Desktop Popup. This is useful in the case of integration with a CRM application.

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Telisca pop up