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announcements for direct lines, line groups, or attendant

Inform the callers

TAnnounce is a solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager making it possible to play pre-recorded audio messages for calls coming into direct numbers, attendant numbers or Line groups.

TAnnounce can be used for the following functions:

  • Greeting Message, while ringing the destination line
  • Redirect on no answer, or busy
  • Redirect on closed (depending on schedules)
  • Filtering/routing phone calls depending on calling numbers
  • Simple Interactive Vocal Server to play messages

In association with a Line Group CUCM or by activating its own call distribution, TAnnounce provides a simple solution for a switchboard or support group, including:

  • Welcome message
  • Overflow on no answer
  • Opening hours
  • Call statistics (with Statistics option)
  • Desktop popup

TAnnounce, is a non-intrusive solution; stopping TAnnounce does not prevent the distribution of calls.

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Telisca TAnnounce